Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is special about Melt Yoga Mats?

In short, lots. 

Our mats are eco-friendly, slip-proof, machine-washable and make your space a vibrant place to melt into your workout.

Moreover, they are slimmer than most other mats available on the market and are foldable.

How are the mats eco-friendly?

Melt Yoga Mats are made using a recyclable and bio-degradable natural rubber base (free from any silicone and phtalates), while the beautiful micro-fibre suede top is made out of recycled PET bottles.  

Last, but not least, one tree will be planted for every mat purchased from Melt Yoga Asia. 

Can I use a Melt Yoga Mat for pilates?

Absolutely! Our fans use the mats for stretching, yoga, pilates and any other mat based-workouts. As the grip of the mat improves the more you sweat, our mats are ideal for intense workouts. 

How should I wash my Melt Yoga Mat?

Melt Yoga Mats can be hand or machine washed, with light detergent (do not use fabric softners or bleach). To prolong the use of the mat, hand-washing the mat with a wet wash cloth and light detergent is ideal. In any case, hang to dry (and DO NOT use a dryer).

What are your shipping and return policies?

Check out our Shipping and Returns sections for details on our policies.

Who do I call to wholesale Melt Yoga Mats?

Email us at and we will be right back with you!

What if i have other questions?

Email us at and we will be right back with you!